About us

Joyful Group AB

We have been helping global companies since more then two decade to succeed with various types of strategic change initiatives.

The Human Culture Program ©

Our program will help us to foster a culture where people feel safe and get empowered to contribute to change. People will understand how to overcome obstacles in change and easier handle interpersonal issues along the way.

We know what works to get people on board! Organizations are more likely to be successful if everyone understands WHY we need to make changes, but also knowing HOW we can contribute to change.

We know HOW!  Joy, simplicity, empathy and result will guide us.

Our methodology

The structure of The Human Culture Program © may vary depending on the scope and content of the assignment.

Usually we participate in a start-up activity that answer question like, why do we need change? What´s in it for me? The goal is also to arouse interest and commit to the change process on a deeper personal level. We believe that blended learning is a way to effectively process the material in our program, but it´s also cost effective for the organization.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our program and what values we can contribute to your business.


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